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I participate in types of events​:

  • professional : Christmas parties, seminars, general meetings, open days, corporate anniversaries, trade shows, corporate parties ...

  • private: Weddings, Birthdays, Bar Mitzvah ...

By myself or with a team, anywhere in France or abroad,

I adapt my offers to your needs.


Thanks to my experience and through my services, I am able to build teams of rigorous designers with the same level of achievement, to best meet your demand.

1 caricature

every 5 minutes

It takes about 5 minutes for a drawing, in black or color felt, more stylized comic type than distorted cartoon (you can count on about 10 caricatures per hour on thick quality A3 or A4 paper).

Each person drawn will be able to leave with their personalized gift (media customization can include your logo, a date or any other element you would like).

1 caricature

every 6 minutes

I create the caricatures directly on an IPad pro tablet.


A very different color rendering compared to paper, a high definition image quality, ideal to keep an original souvenir of your event, and printable post event on any type of media, (tee-shirt, book, postcards, etc ...) .


Digital images can be emailed live to your guests.

It is possible to project caricatures in progress on a screen or your walls, to print them on A5 media (personalized) or even to group them in a souvenir book.


Thanks to the excellent quality of the images, possibilities are endless, so do not hesitate.

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