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I participate in all types of events and everywhere in France and abroad:

  • professional: Christmas parties, seminars, general assemblies, open days, company anniversaries, trade shows, corporate parties, professional meetings, team building ...

  • private: weddings, birthdays, Bar Mitzvah ...

3 minutes max per silhouette, with no posing, while walking or sitting.

Cut out live on a black sheet, each silhouette is applied to an A6 size a white paper media.


An ideal format, compact and very elegant

in addition to the surprise effect.


Unlike caricatures, silhouettes are a realistic and non-humorous representation of your guests, which makes it even more spectacular.

Up to 3 silhouette artists (depending on your event and requirements, several artists may be required)..

Customization of the media is possible (included in the price).

1 silhouette every

3 minutes!

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