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In addition to caricature and silhouette, I am first and foremost a designer. Therefore:

I work the image in all its forms!

Express your needs and wishes and I can set up custom artistic animations.

Adapted and highly requested animation for your seminars and professional meetings.


This service allows you to illustrate your speeches, help visualize,  facilitate understanding and make your professional meetings more enjoyable.

Perfect for team building or making your business premises livelier.


Also, very suitable for home interior decor.

Ideal for themed parties and Christmas parties.

For all audiences.

No risk of allergy.



Ideal for boosting seminars, team building, or animate your business meetings.

I can suggest an animation adapted to your needs.


Perfect for team cohesion, the tailor-made workshop allows you to work in one or more groups simultaneously (up to 10 people per group).

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