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lllustrator Graphic Designer


Who am I?

Graduate of Emile Cohl school, I have been working as an illustrator graphic designer for more than 20 years, in communications and events.


Leveraging this deep experience, I have the pleasure to work  on a broad range of varied projects, across illustrations / comics, corporate event animations, murals and advertising media.


Based in Lyon, I operate across of the French territory as well as abroad (fluent in English), in order to deliver diverse services.


My passion allowed me to develop a wide artistic skill set entered on image.


My rich experience has also led me to surround myself with talented professional partners, in order to best meet the expectations of my clients for their events.




 Caricaturist, Digital Caricature, Paper Caricature, Lyon Event, Auvergne Rhône Alpes Event, Paris Event, Switzerland Event, Geneva Event, Christmas tree, Seminar, Wedding, Birthday

I participate in all types of events everywhere in France and abroad:

  • professional : Christmas parties, seminars, general assemblies, open days, corporate anniversaries, trade shows, corporate parties, team building…

  • private : weddings, birthdays,



5 minutes per drawing, on paper or digital tablet.

 Silhouettist, silhouette, Lyon event, Auvergne Rhône Alpes events , Switzerland events , Paris events, Geneva events, company evenings, Bar Mitzvah, exhibitions, open days

I participate in all types of events everywhere in France and abroad:

  • professional: Christmas trees, seminars, general meetings, open days, corporate birthdays, trade shows, company parties…

  • private: weddings, birthdays,



3 minutes max per silhouette, no posing, while walking or sitting.


Compact and very elegant!


 Graphic facilitator, ephemeral and permanent frescoes, ephemeral tattoos, tailor-made workshops, Lyon events,  Auvergne Rhône Alpes events, Switzerland events, Geneva events,  Paris events, Lausanne events

First and foremost designer, I work the image in all its forms!


Express your needs and wishes and I can set up custom artistic animations:

  • Graphical Facilitator (illustrate your professional speeches and facilitate understanding)


  • Ephemeral or permanent frescos and murals


  • Ephemeral tattoos

  • Customized workshops

 Illustration, comics, infographics, communication media, logotypes, posters, newsletter, brochures, flyer, POS, restaurant menus, birthday cards, fair share, birth announcement, baptism, invitation cards

I like to work with both paper  and digital media:


  • Illustration / Comic

  • Infographic: creation of logotype, commercial brochure, flyer...


  • Original and unique communication media through drawing and graphics.



I also offer personalized training and introductions to computer graphics, from corporations. 

 News | Work in progress

Customers who trust me

 Lyon Events, Paris events, Auvergne Rhône Alpes events, Switzerland events, Geneva events, Lausanne events, animation, communication supports
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